Looks to enjoy weekends and holidays(Looks para curtir fim de semana e feriados)


  Oiin amouros, I hope you're okay. Today's post are tips for looks to enjoy the coming weekend and many others that will arrive, as well as the holidays ♥. 

  Well, you'll see knocking on the door and what we want most is to enjoy it in the best way, in the most comfortable way possible is not it?! depending on the taste, we can look very beautiful, with shorts, pants, monkey or even a little dress.

In the images below I will show beautiful wholesale maxi dresses, right? 

Vestido pro verão
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 I found it very fresh and stylish for almost any occasion, both in heels and sneakers, a white tennis with this dress will also be a show <3

 And this little striped dress that never goes out of taste, never goes out of style?! is present on different occasions.

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  The dress below is also the darling of many people, white is not only worn on New Year's Eve, but also on all occasions you wish. Both white and striped, combines with a thick bounce, as a little rasteirinha, for those who do not like a jump or sneakers.

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Okay Vick, you showed me three beautiful dresses, and the plus size ones are left out?! OF COURSE NOT NE MIGAAA!. One of the things I can't stand is when they say, "I'm fat, nothing suits me." It's not like that friends, maybe you're so sure about using the things everyone uses, you don't realize that it's good to be different.

  well, below I'll show you 3 beautiful plus size dresses wholesale as beautiful as!

Vestido plus size
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  Impossible not to fall in love with this black dress above?. People from heaven! Wait... What is this dress with a sneakers of the color you desire, with a cap, on sunny days. Sis, you're going to destroy the world with all certainty ♥

 And what about that perfect, charming flowery dress? my God I'm in shock of so liindo. Usable even in marriages knew?! Were you invited to a wedding? can use and abuse this flower.

vestido plusss
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All dresses are from feelingirldress online store

Including this one below, I found a charm. It also serves for a christening, wedding, dinner with the husband/boyfriend/crush.

Dress pluss
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Gold, the dresses are amazing right?! and you need to see the prices. That's why I put all the links in the subtitles. In addition to all this you need to see the sale of View Feelingirldress sale black friday 2020

You know the black is next month right?! and girl... the site is full of promos now, who will say in black. They're up to $1000 off, do you know that so much of a descontão? PASSADAAA!

Perda de gordura do braço
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    There's a lot of discount, a lot of stuff needed. The straps are amazing, so I'm showing them.

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  When I say that everything wonderful on the site, it is because it has, look at this! 

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That's it my gold, I hope you liked the post, a beeijo and until the next ♥


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