Hi my loves, I hope you are well. Anyone who accompanies me on urges @beijosdavick, knows that I'm practicing physical activities every day. I'm always looking for healthier ways to lose weight. No medicine but exercises / braces etc.

Today I came to give an indication of a site called sculptshe.com where we can find various pieces to help in the strengthening of weight-loss exercises and to start I'm going to talk about braces. Or rather speaking:

best shapewear for tummy

  What is belly shaping for?

  Abdominal belt: the abdominal belt is recommended for those who want to disguise the belly fat. This styler is one of the most used, especially with pants and dresses. ... As it doesn't have a closure underneath, unlike the bodysuit, you must be careful that it doesn't roll up after putting on the clothes.

  Below are some indications that I found on the site and I'm sure they will work with those who use a brace to help in exercising:

 This one in body shape is wonderful. There are people who love to wear it with dresses. It has it in black and beige color. It has a short length, like a short short, so it can be worn with skirts, shorts, knee length dresses etc.

buy at Sculptshe

 There's this one below that I think it's a lipo effect, it's in black and in this color posted by me. This light is good to wear with light clothes, right
. It is currently on sale, enjoy ♥
buy at sculptshe
vest waist trainer

I love these models, I have them and it's good to stay home with them while we work etc. Prices are very varied, and there are many different models:

buy at sculptshe

buy at  sculptshe.com

Look how the material is inside, I love it ♥
buy at sculptshe

 The discounts are really good, the promotion is not to be missed!

  The t-shirt / corsage is so named because the piece is shaped like a tank top and serves to shape the waist and breasts. This model can come with the bra structure (with or without cup) or with an opening in this region.

buy at sculptshe

This one in the shape of pants I found perfect for those who love to exercise, but who can't use a curling iron. Look at the belly of the model who sweats so much, after use:

buy at sculptshe

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