Hello my loves, I hope you are well. Coming to Black Friday and with it a store tip with incredible prices for shopping. And today, mainly, I'm going to talk about Lover-Beauty, a women's products store with amazing products, starting with Let's start from wholesale shapewear. I think this is great, wearing it with a loose dress or jumpsuit should be perfect. There are people who love these things and the good thing is to take advantage and buy several of them at a very good price.

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  Also in black, I loved it too much, beige to wear with light clothes and black to wear with dark ones.

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All these are on sale, and many others also on the site, enjoy and click on the links below these products that I'm posting. AAAAI LOVED THIS ONE!!

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It has:

1. Adjustable straps ​​that offer comfort and flexibility;

2. The high elastic mesh on the bust is suitable for different types of bust;

3. The crotch design hooks for ease when nature calls;

4. The inner layer of moisture absorbent fabric is comfortable and breathable.

The sizes are great, there are from P to plus size, if you have doubts about measurements, just use a tape and find out your numbering right. The material is: 30% Spandex + 70% Nylon.

  This divo below:

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  What the brand says about it:

This Good Elastic Shapewear with ​​Nude Plus Size Detachable Straps is specially designed for open-back evening dresses and wedding dresses.

  If you go to the site, there are tips on how you can use these pieces, a tip that everyone loves is to wear them with jeans, right? Full Body Shaper are great to wear that way (with jeans). Oh, all friends, he ''helps'' us when we go to the bathroom hahaha, I love it.

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   It has:

1. Adjustable straps provide comfort and flexibility;

2. The open crotch design makes it convenient to use the toilet;

3. Chest fabric is elastic enough to fit a wide range of chest sizes;

4. Butt booster design can lift your hips and create lovely curves;

5. Abdominal lamination and posterior double layer design provide 360​​degree waist and abdominal compression.

 É isso meus amouros, espero que tenham gostado do post, qualquer duvida pode entrar em contato comigo. Beijos ♥

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