Hi my loves, I hope you are well. I love finding new sites and sharing them with you and today I chose the shapellx online store and to start we are going to talk about body shaper for women. I've always found it charming and a lot of women love to wear it and feel good and powerful about it. Things have evolved so much that in some cases, they look quite charming by combining a shaper with a blazer or even without.


I love black lace so much and this styler that I'm going to post now, I'm super drooling over it. It's amazing how he looks good on any body type. Beautiful lace that you can even wear as a normal outfit, if you prefer with a blazer, it's the most beautiful thing.


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There are also those smooth ones, for those who don't like lace or who don't want to wear the show, these smooth ones are perfect to wear with fitted clothes, since they don't have details to mark under the clothes. These are shorts, great to wear with a dress, shorts, anything longer.

PowerConceal™ Low-Back Hourglass
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Body shapers? they have too. Beautiful and super modern to wear with pants or shorts.

AirSlim® Short-Sleeved Thong Bodysuit
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There are also those butt lifter shapewear . These are to be used more discreetly, right?. For those who like to lift their butt, the site is full of different types, sizes, colors and models.


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When I talk about different models, I mean different models. Look at this one below, what a difference.

AirSlim® 2-In-1 Peach Power Tummy Shaper
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According to them, the modeler promises:

• Total firm control to smooth and reshape your waist and belly for a sleek silhouette
• Goes unnoticed under clothing, like any good spy on a mission
• Adjustable hip strap control for an easy fit
• Great for wearing under curvy skirts and dresses

  This one is super traditional, but it's the traditional ones that we like.


AirSlim® Advanced Body Sculptor
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So many powerful women doesn't fit in this post. I found the prices super affordable and just looking at it, you can see that the material of the pieces is good. The great thing is also that it fits different bodies, has a lot of variety in size, color and models.


   É isso amouros, espero que tenham gostado, beeijos.





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