Primeiro post do ano no blog


Hi my lovelies, I hope you are doing great. First post of the year, this year will be a Mara year here for the blog, so I hope and pray to God. I want to bring a lot of cool stuff here, a lot of good stuff. I know that a lot of people love it here including me, I love what I do and I do it with love.

It's summer, right? Yes we are! Is it on these holidays we only want food like December lol did the fatty ones show up around? Over here sooo.

Today I brought a perfect website, once again, it is customary to bring it here and people love it when I bring it, I know why I receive comments. Below I start indicating modelers for us to be happy kkk

plus size waist trainer

buy this wonderful strap here

 Modelador lindo e de boa qualidade pode ser adquirido nas três cores disponíveis na loja on-line e também por diversos tamanhos. O preço é ótimo e ainda está em promoção, o que fica melhor ainda.

buy this wonderful strap here

 Belt panties are a darling, I really like this little model like this, on the website there are two models, this one more low and the other more comfortable, for those who don't like low. This model posted is dental floss, for those who don't like it, the other model is without dental floss, okay?

Complete body strap, there are people who use it even without a blouse on top. Just her and a short, that's what I see most tiktokers kkkk, it's available not only in that color, but in others as well, the back is well composed.

buy this wonderful strap here

high waist shaper panty

I thought this one was fantastic and very sexy, you can wear it with a blazer on top, I think. I love girdles as soon as they run away from the normal.

buy this wonderful strap here

It is available in beige and black.

buy this wonderful strap here

Belts like this are very popular, I don't know exactly why it is like this, but it must be very efficient since it is very sought after by a large majority of women. I think the breasts are more advanced, right? Can be it.

  The site is full of beautiful things, I'm drooling over a lot of pieces, I wanted to collect them all, especially the fourth one posted here by me, what a beautiful thing. I really hope that you enjoyed my choices here to share with you. A kiss and until next time beautiful things


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