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Hi wonderful lovelies, I hope you are well. Today's post is about shopping, oh my God, it's been so long since I've bought anything, I'm trying to organize my life and I had so much stuff that I ended up letting these things run out to get them again.

Lately I made a list of new things and new things popped into my mind, one of them is here in this post today.

Let's start with body shaperHey guys, I'm sooo in love with the whole site. What so many beautiful things. This wonderful bodysuit comes in black, beige, brown and gray. The price is amazing and it's even discounted. It also has the plus part, in various colors and sizes. You can wear it like this or with a jacket over it, or even under your clothes. Topissimo even to go to the gym.

buy this bodysuit here 

For those who want a more low-cut bodysuit, this wonderful one is available in two colors with a discount on the website, so take advantage. great for wearing under the dress.

buy this bodysuit here

This shapewear is beautiful and even has padding on the butt, I loved it lol it only starts below the chest.

buy this bodysuit here

I found this one looks like it's made for post surgery, I loved it so much. Comes with top and shorts.

 Buy here

Guys, look how beautiful this one is, I loved it so much. I can't decipher how beautiful it is. Put a beautiful blazer on top is all right. Be bold (:

Buy here

The site is full of beautiful things that are different from what we are used to finding. The price is also incredible and they even give discounts, apart from the coupon they release if it's your first purchase.

plus size waist trainerFor those who don't like exaggeration, this one is spectacular. Great for the plus ones. no exaggeration.

buy here

This one is great, it even seems to improve posture, my God it must be perfect. And you're not ashamed, are you? He is so handsome that there is no shame in being with him. A jumpsuit and put it under the clothes, it's top.

Buy Here

long sleeve shapewear bodysuitThis one is perfect, my God, it works for any occasion, shocked in the quality you saw. Besides being divine, it models. Every woman's dream isn't it?

Buy Here

  I hope you like it, I'm loving it! I've always loved the site. Take advantage of the discounts.


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