Hi my loves, I hope you are well. I always post here women's tips, both for care and looks, and it's very rare to post something for men, since I appreciate the visit of everyone who comes here and to thank you for this I brought you tips for men's tactical clothes looks.

All clothes in this post are from wayrates store and you get 10% off your first order. I love an extra discount. I start right away with these jeans, which are essential for all human beings. It's not a trouser for all tastes, but as each person has their own style I love to mix my tastes with the tastes of others.

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Another very top pants, and remembering that you just click on the link below the image that already directs you to the shopping site ok?

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 Then you can match these two pants with these two blouses below! you can wear green with green or with jeans and black with green or with jeans, how about that?

  To remind you that this beautiful black coat has other colors too, ok? has an amazing blue ♥

buy at Wayrates

buy at Wayrates

Taking advantage of this post and already telling you to enjoy that November is there and men's tactical clothes will be on black friday too. For those who travel by motorcycle this jacket is awesome! It is a windproof and waterproof jacket too. A RAZOROOOOOOOO.

Black Friday mens tactical clothing
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There are also other types of coats, simpler with a hood, more everyday and also have plain shirts with a wonderful price. As I know that men don't like to spend a lot on clothes kkk, almost every man is closed-handed, aff. so for you man who doesn't want to spend a lot, enjoy the black from wayrates.

buy at Wayrates

buy at Wayrates

I know that men don't have a lot to go out with, as a woman, but know that simple things can make all the difference too. Always look for pieces that fit you, always ask for tips from friends, family, companions, people you trust completely and who will not be false to you.

 É isso amouros, espero que tenham gostado do post, um beijo e ate o proximo! ♥

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